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Scaling Formula 101: From $0 to Over $1.3M

By on May 3, 2016




Scaling is an art all by itself. Being able to take $50 and turn it into $500 without LOOSING money is pretty dang easy. Trying to take $500 and turn it into $5,000 can be difficult but DO ABLE. All of this requires a simple little concept of SCALING.


Scaling your ads from $X to $XX. There are TONS of different methods you can use to scale your ads and I want to outline 2 of them that I think you may or may not be familiar with yet. If you aren’t let me explain..


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#1 Vertical Scaling – You have 1 objective here. GET TO THE HIGHEST BUDGET POSSIBLE! Here are some steps for you to follow to learn vertical scaling.

  • Scale Slowly and Consistently.
  • Wait a few days before you scale. See if your ad is ACTUALLY gaining traction. Set milestones for ads. “If you sell 10 units scale $X amount”. Please pace yourself.
  • When you are scaling – scale at the same time, at the same day with the same amount. Start at 8AM EST when you are scaling for best results (which I have noticed).
  • Pace yourself. Go from $5 to $8… Or $5 to $7. Do NOT go from $5 to $100 right away. You NEED to pace yourself and follow the rule above.
  • BIGGEST RULE OF THEM ALL: Scaling needs to be done without having any fear of win / loss. Scaling your ads is a game meaning you need to NOT be emotionally attached to your ads. So if the cost per sale increases when you are running ads you need to realize that it comes with the territory.


Use these scaling techniques or follow the horizontal strategy below.


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#2 – Horizontal Scaling is taking your successful adset and duplicating the ad set and change the targeting. This concept is pretty simple. You are taking a successful ad and you are ONLY going to change the audience. YOU ARE NOT DELETING THE SUCCESSFUL AD – you are just DUPLICATING the ad.


  • Restart your ad set at $5 per day.
  • You need to do proper research for your ads and look for potentially high converting interests where your audience is. So if you are targeting ‘I love pit bulls’ you can go ahead and scale out to ‘pit bull rescue central’. HOWEVER only scale when your ad is already successful.
  • The reason you scale horizontal is because if your ad is performing well with 1 interest that you are targeting you are MORE THAN LIKELY going to have success targeting another interest group. You are ‘targeting horizontally’ into other interest groups.


I hope enjoyed this little crash course on scaling. If you aren’t apart of the community yet, I would strongly urge you to take action and get on our newsletter. There are TONS of tricks, tips and techniques you are going to be needed and this is EXACTLY the place where you are going to find them.


I look forward to seeing you on my next post. Till next time,
-Dan Dasilva