Facebook Updates Their 20% Text Rule – SUPER IMPORTANT

By on July 3, 2016


Hey friend, I am officially back and ready to help you learn all there is about Facebook ads. Many people have been recently asking about updates and I believe this…


Scaling Formula 101: From $0 to Over $1.3M

By on May 3, 2016




Scaling is an art all by itself. Being able to take $50 and turn it into $500 without LOOSING money is pretty dang easy. Trying to take $500 and…


Roadmap + Outline: How You Can Easily Achieve $20k In A Few Months

By on April 14, 2016


You will finally be able to start creating a 6 figure business with EASE! Please keep in mind that this methods works if you have $0 or $100K. Your…


Bigger and Better 2016 & Free FaceBook™ Training

By on April 6, 2016

Hey there, Dan Dasilva here!

I am super excited about getting back to the Duplicate Dan brand. It’s almost like I ‘forgot’ about it but the truth is I NEVER…


[Happy Thanksgiving] Shopify Theme + Case Study

By on November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving to all my USA friends and all my friend around the world! It has truly been a remarkable 11 months for myself and my family.

You know whats…


FB Videos Case Study – $60 Spent $1,800 Returned

By on October 5, 2015

FaceBook ads has really tuned up the heat lately with Video ads and Instagram ads. I finally utalized Video Ads to the fullest. Watch the case study below and…