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FB Videos Case Study – $60 Spent $1,800 Returned

By on October 5, 2015

FaceBook ads has really tuned up the heat lately with Video ads and Instagram ads. I finally utalized Video Ads to the fullest. Watch the case study below and be prepared to be shocked.



Its not everyday you see ROI’s like this. As a matter of fact, you RARELY ever see ROI’s like this. Let me tell you the #1 reason most people will never be able to make money with FB ads.

They RUSH and try to make quick money.

I know you aren’t like that. I know you are someone who is smart enough to realize that it takes time and patience with testing in order to make money with FaceBook ads. I also know you have what it takes to make this work for you. If you are using Videos in your business right now, make sure you are doing it the RIGHT WAY.

I have some news for you. Those YouTube video rankers and video creators don’t work. They are useless and they are practically a big marketing gimmick for you to open your wallets and give them your money. Yes all my marketing friends can hate me for saying that. Truth be told, the only video creator that ever made me and my students money was Camtasia or Screen Flick (for my mac users).

If you think you can use a Vide creator to rank and make hundreds of dollars… you are dead wrong. I mean if it worked that well, than everyone else in your niche would be a millionaire.. not to mention you.

You and I both know that newbies all over the world are coming online and making thousands per day. Somehow they have the ‘magic’ formula that you are so desperately looking for? Am I right or what?

Here’s the formula for massive success.

FaceBook Ads (video, banners, Instagram) + Landing Page + Follow Up = Any amount of money you could ever want.


I LITERALLY just gave you the keys to the kingdom. The smart people reading this will understand what that means. For those that don’t understand what that means… don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you aren’t smart. Just means that you have a little learning left and you will be on your way to financial freedom.

That is all I have to say for today 😀


Enjoy the case study.

——- Dan Dasilva