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FaceBook Ads Secrets – What The Pro’s Aren’t Telling You

By on September 29, 2015

Imagine this, you are heading to bed but before you do… you create a $10 FaceBook ad at around 9 PM. You head to bed, wrap yourself up in your fluffy covers to get warm and sleep like a little baby. You wake up at 7 AM and decide to check your stats.  Next thing you realize, that $10 you spent brought you back $40. Which means $30 is profit… What do you do next?

Its simple! Scale up.

Lets rewind before you get WAY to confused. I’ve been there, I know what its like to get confused and not know exactly what to do.  Lets take it from the top. The VERY top. ‘WHERE DO I EVEN START, DAN’? 

This is the #1 question that seems to hit my inbox constantly. I am going to outline the easiest platforms that you can use PLUS, I am going to give you the PDF of these 3 top sources I suggest.

Just remember, FaceBook ads ISNT only for eCommerce. Its for affiliate marketing, website flipping, list building and anything else you can possibly imagine. Do NOT limit yourself from thinking its JUST for eCommerce. I am only giving eCommerce example because that is the #1 question I’ve been asked lately. 

[file_download style=”1″][download title=”Top%20Platforms%20To%20Use%20With%20FaceBook%20Ads” icon=”style1-Pdf-64×64.png” file=”http://duplicatedan.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/DDFreePDF.pdf” package=”” level=”” new_window=””][/download][/file_download]


I brought in Yair for the video above. He is becoming a LEGEND when it comes to FaceBook ads. For someone like me to admit that… he must REALLY know what he is doing.

I will admit that I am not the most advanced expert when it comes to FaceBook ads – I know, disappointing. However, I know enough to have made me over $100,000 this year alone with FB ads and $1,000 profit in 24 hours.

I may not know EVERY crevice when it comes to FaceBook ads, and you may not either, so you are in the right spot. We will learn together.

Our journey starts together. As I learn, so do you. As I make money, so will you. We are in this together. No more questioning if this will work for you. Its time to get things rolling. Watch the entire video above leave your feedback. I will keep creating content like this if I see you are enjoying it.

Talk soon!
Dan Dasilva


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