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FaceBook Ads

Facebook Ads: Creating an Audience Of Instagram Users

By on September 10, 2017

If you are trying to generate sales or leads for your online business, than you can benefit greatly from the recent Facebook Ad updates that focus on improving custom audience creation on Instagram.

If this sounds interesting enough, then you should keep reading;

Updates in Engagement Audiences provide new techniques with which Advertisers can create different audiences based on their chosen engagement type.

With the recent updates you can include engagement with videos and lead ad forms when shown on Instagram – prior, however, you could only create audiences based on engagements such as Video, FaceBook page, Canvas and Lead Ad forms on FaceBook only. Now, when you start the creation process for an Engagement custom audience, here is what you will encounter (take note of the ‘FROM’ section and icons) –


The most important ones we are going to be working with are as follows:

Video – if you run a lot of video ads you are going to want to really focus on this one. You can retarget with MANY options.

Take a look at some of these:


These are exactly how you can retarget if you are running video view ads.

Let me break down which I believe are the best.

People who viewed 3 seconds of your video – great for just building a generic retargeting list and you can do some SERIOUS damage with this.

People that have watched 50% or more of my video – this is GREAT for people that are about to purchase but need that little extra push.

People that have watched 95% or more of my video – this will be your smallest audience that you have however, this is where your TRUE audience is. This is the rabid buyers and loyal followers will be.


FaceBook Page


  • When Creating Your Custom Audience, You Can Select Multiple Forms:


Before the update, audiences could only include engagements with one lead form. And to further broaden your options, you can add a conditioned logic like ‘if’ or ‘or’ (actually or), to the audiences so that you can easily include a different type of engagement with your selected form.


This Update might seem remarkable – but wait till you see the next one;


Custom Audience For Instagram



As part of the updates,  there is an additional feature of an Instagram business profile. This is a remarkably distinct addition for brands looking to grow on Instagram as well as those who have invested a bit of their social media publicity to the platform.

The Instagram business profile custom audience is great for a few other reasons. One of which is the fact that you can create customized business profiles and just select a preferred one when creating an audience for the page that you manage.

When creating such an audience, simply select your business profile that is connected to a page you manage.



You can also create a variety of engagement audiences customized from your IG profile and the data you have. The audiences may be based on various engagement types. They include; audiences that have prior contact with your business on Instagram, visitors to your Instagram page, audiences that have engaged with your business via post, ad or have sent a message to your profile and others who may have saved posts or ads related to your business.


Creating a Merger Business Profile

Ultimately, an Instagram business profile will not appear if your Instagram profile isn't a business profile…

Thus, to link the  Facebook and Instagram accounts, begin by viewing your Instagram account and clicking on the gear icon to see the options that will convert the account to a business profile.  Then you can proceed with logging into FaceBook and select the account which you would connect to the Instagram business profile.



Now What?

It might seem like a breeze, and perhaps slightly too easy to be true but these updates may be the only thing standing in between you and having a striving business or a struggling one. If you are slow to getting involved in the Instagram platform; your business might suffer because you NEED to be ahead of the curve.

If you do not already have a business profile on Instagram, you should probably snag one right up right away. What have you got to lose anyway?