Hey there I am Dan Dasilva. I started marketing in January 2015 and have created multiple successful eCom Drop Shipping stores and have launched one of the biggest eCom Training Brands - eCom Dudes. I've been on a journey to help others reach their dreams just like I've been on the road to reach mine. Reading, Marketing and Giving back are my true passions. Follow me on a journey that will change OUR lives for the better. "Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star." - W. Clement Stone

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Bigger and Better 2016 & Free FaceBook™ Training

By on April 6, 2016

Hey there, Dan Dasilva here!

I am super excited about getting back to the Duplicate Dan brand. It's almost like I ‘forgot' about it but the truth is I NEVER did.

I just had other projects I was working on at the time. Now I am back… About to provide MASSIVE value.

First thing is first I just want to thank everyone, (yes including yourself) who's been with me for the last few months. Through the high's and the lows. As you are aware Entrepreneurship isn't a smooth sailing ride. There are high's and lows… but the lows tend to be WAY worse than ‘typical' person.

It's the RISK reward system in full affect! The more risks you take the higher the reward will be however, its a double sided coin.

Let me tell you right now, that I launched Social Ad Classroom and it was a pretty decent success. I wasn't satisfied with the amount of people we brought in but I am SUPER satisfied with the amount of people that are seeing REAL results.

I mean… don't mind me, I just want to pimp out some of you:

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So now I have some awesome little valuable goodies for you. I am going ahead and giving you a video I recorded for my 7FA and Social Ad Classroom students.

I am creating a brand new lead generation funnel inside of FaceBook and seeing what type of results I can generate. I am not expecting millions overnight.

I am going to be expecting DECENT results. As of writing this I am paying $0.11 per every single opt in I am getting – not bad at all!

Check out what I am doing:



So here's the thing… I wanted to write this post to let you know a few things.

#1 – Duplicate Dan will be my BLOG that I will regular post on. Where I voice whats working, what I'm doing in my life and pretty much a ‘personality + business blog'. Being very transparent with you: I am doing this so you can I can grow closer. I know out of 15,000+ people on my email list that only 500 of you will actually read this entire thing. Rather than me trying to cater to all 15k, I want to focus and build a real relationship with those 500 of you reading this. If thats you, thank you very much. I will not disappoint.

#2 – I have been focusing a lot on MAKING my students money rather than making myself money. This has allowed me to…. ironically…. triple my earnings. I used to be money hungry but I've become so SUCCESS hungry for my students that I was VERY disappointed that i only brought in 647 new students under me. I didn't care about the 6 figures that was generated – that means CRAP to me.

#3 – Product. I will promote other people's products and my products throughout this year. HOWEVER, if you think I will recommend garbage you are DEAD wrong. If you are an affiliate of mine and you release garbage and tell me that if I do not promote it you will never help me again, I'll completely call you and your product out. I'm out of the ‘jerking off' circle, you want that do not come to me with that. My customers and my following is all I care about – your bottom line and your garbage products can go jump off a cliff 🙂 Good glad I got that off my chest.

So to everyone afraid if I will be promoting garbage… lol… that would be the day!

Again, there's a lot I have to share. I have even more that I would love to show you as well. This is going to be a SUPER fun blog and I am excited for this journey we are going on together.

Talk soon,

Dan Dasilva