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How To Start Your Own eCommerce Store With Only 3 Simple Pages
Free workshop training with Dan Dasilva reveals: 
  • How to get a new store up and running ready to start advertising by the end of tonight (taught by one of the top eCommerce experts in the world)
  •  How to use 3 simple easy to create pages to increase your average order value by over $30 *results may vary depending on niche and what you are selling*
  •  How to create and scale ads even if you have never ran an ad in your life before (Plus learn how one of our students took a new store and quit his job in the same year!)
Why Listen To Dan About eCommerce?
There are only a select few other eCommerce entrepreneurs who know how to build and scale an eCommerce business from the ground up. I’ve been able to:

* From 0 to 6 figures with a new store in under 60 days
* Over $1M spent in ads just for eCommerce
* Over 80,000 loyal followers who listen to my guidance
* One of the BEST YouTube channels for learning how to build a massive eCommerce brand

When it comes to eCommerce - it doesn’t get any easier than this. In 2013 world wide sales were at $1.36 TRILLION. By 2018 total worldwide sales will peak $2.4 TRILLION. Thats almost DOUBLE in under 4 years. Meaning that you NEED to be involved to reap the rewards.

Whats the BIGGEST surefire way to know that eCommerce is the way to go? 

Simple, one of the worlds richest men - Warren Buffet - recently sold out of $900,000,000 in shares of Walmart because “they cannot keep up with their online / ecommerce competitors” (source) . When it comes down to it - even the most respected investors and richest men in the world knows that ecommerce is something that is only going to keep going up!

Fortunalty for you, you have the ability to get started in the same MARKET and take your slice of the pie without really ever having to get out of your PJ’s (crazy I know)

The sad truth is…

You will most likely fail with eCommerce…
You Will Most Likely Fail With eCommerce

Well, thats not the actual truth. The real truth is… you will fail IF you don’t have the right guidance. 

You can easily spend $1,000.. $5,000… $10,000 per month in advertising and see NO returns. I’ve seen it happen over and over again. This is the worst case scenario (where you go out and spend thousands with nothing in return).

If you join our workshop I will be covering some of the most pressing questions you have such as:

» How you can get involved in the eCommerce business even if you don’t live in the USA.

» The secret source you can use to never have to touch a product in your life. Just make the sale and we will show you how the product is delivered to your customer.

» The right way to create and cultivate an eCommerce store from the get go.

» The fastest way to automate your entire store (one simple little app that you can use.)

» Top 2 platforms anyone can use no matter the skill level is to build a store

» How you can get started with only 2-3 hours per day

» How to turn new ads into profitable campaigns that you can scale up *results may vary from person to person*

» How to easily sell out of your store in 2-3 months for 3X what you made. This is something SUPER powerful and never shared before.

» Where to set up a payment gateway so you can get paid NEXT day to your bank account even if you don’t live in the USA.

» 3 simple easy to create pages to increase your average order value by $30 or more each and ever sale.

» The 5 apps you MUST use in your store if you want to see INCREDIBLE long term results (these apps are a must if you want to see the results you desire)

» Why right now is the best time to get started. There has never been a better opportunity in your life to get started compared to RIGHT NOW. Its your chance to finally have your life changed if you are ready

Everything mentioned above is what we cover over the next week with our live workshops tailored for you and your needs. Imagine having to go to college for all of this information. You would be deep into 6 figures worth of debt. In this case - we condensed a 4 year education into a 12 week education that will have a bigger impact than any schooling could for a fraction of the price.

If you are interested in getting started…. Click the button below and claim your spot now.

Shawn Petrusich

"I've been able to accomplish AMAZING growth in my business with Dan. I am still learning everything there is to FB ads" Click here for proof.  *Results may not be typical*

Mario Menduni

"Just wanted to thank Dan Dasilva for all his help with my 8000% growth in my business. With my new store, I was able to create an amazing business without needing a massive budget". Click here for proof.  *Results may not be typical*

Michelle Ousley

"None of this could have happened  have I not have stepped out of 'faith', invested in learning from Dan and then took action." Michelle Changed Her Life In 1 Month *Results may not be typical*
* These results may not be typical at all. These are students who have been through our programs and each one of them had a completely different budget, market, and mindset. Please don't take their results as what is going to happen for you. Everyone is different*
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